100 Project Investment Service is an organization that mobilizes and Organizes the people of East Africa globally to fuel the region's economic revolution.

To save the people of East Africa who live in extreme poverty. As the way of life of the people of East Africa does not deviate from the old way of life of agriculture and pastoralism;  In particular, hundred projects will coordinate projects to reduce the number of unemployed youth, attract small and medium-sized businesses environment to transform themselves and the communities.

According to the plan, 100 studied investment sectors will be implemented in the near future.

First of all, our company has a project that will create jobs for 1 million young people.

By creating job opportunities and creating favorable conditions hundred projects team will coordinate stakeholders and deliver the plan accordingly.


To see a productive citizenry all over Ethiopia, being the leading supplier to East Africa.


Encouragement of citizens to know their personal potential, the natural and man-made resources they have around them.

Make citizens aware that self-sufficiency is a natural obligation.

Reduce imports and expand domestic production to enable citizens to use their own products voluntarily.

Ensuring a sense of national unity in all parts of Ethiopia, based on respect and love for work.

Participating in the global market, especially as a permanent supplier for East African countries.

Ethiopians living abroad can play their part in promoting and distributing their country's products 

Enabling them to be a part of this huge project.

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