Weaving | ሽመና

Ever young person will be involved in weaving. It is a platform that involves 10 Young people in a group working in a state-of-the-art machine called "One weaver For One Young Man'. አንድ ሽመና አንድ ወጣት

Food Spices | ባልትና 

Each of the 100 project members will be registered in a house hold level and products will be controlled, where the products of home food spices will be packed and be ready for market. 






| ባለጓሮ

A compound in a living house will be measured and registered under the project. 

Members who plant various types of fruits and vegetables in their homes are the source of our biggest market. 


PRODUCTS | የቆዳ ውጤቶች

East African shoe market: Shoes makers at home level will be registered and their products will be available on market. 


Empowering women who are trained in child care and nursing, such homework level will create jobs for many young people. There is also an opportunity to develop related products through training home crafts.

SHEEP, GOAT AND Chicken | የቤት እንስሳት

Members of the Hundred projects in a compounded house hold will have two sheep, two goats and chickens. 

Under Well registered and organized project management network system, price and supply of meat products will be fairly distributed to the market.

SALES | የሽያጭ ሰራተኛ

Sales staffs are essential supports for a country's market linkages and growth. For example In the United States, there are 2 million Sales person for 400,000 stock homes In one state. We need more well skilled sales for sure. 

Security personnel |  ጥበቃ እና አካል ብቃት

Young people including Adults will involve in guarding and protection of all Varieties of assets. There should be a skilled man power in this sector and hundred projects will organize from the start to an end.

Digital Market

In today's information

age, the Internet and digital marketing professionals need to be trained and coordinated.

By making this skill accessible to the youth, it will create more efficient practices and job opportunities for targeted market.


Modeling |  

መስተንግዶ እና ሞዴሊንግ

Hospitality is an important part of the tourism industry, The most accessible country in the field of tourism should receive and accommodate guests professionally.  From fashion and design industries as well as modeling sectors, this project integrates young people from training and support to their careers.

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